Protect your positive mindset from malicious influences on social-media


Your Mind is Hackable

Malicious players like foreign governments, social-engendering companies, and cyber-crime organizations are using your personal data, social-networks, and AI to affect your world views and behaviour.

In the last couple years we're seen a rise in fake news, trolling bots, social engineering, cyber-bullying, government funded attacks, and orchestrated outrage campaigns.

Get Protected Today

The PerspectiveGuard browser extension is using AI to analyze what you see on social networks (posts, tweets, comments, sponsored content and targeted ads).

It will notify you if there are signs of a campaign targeted against you, or when there's a peak in negative, divisive or destabilizing content.

The Chrome expansion is available for free, while we're adding plugins for other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Edge).
We don't collect or store any of your browsing data
We're 100% committed to your privacy, so we made sure the AI runs directly in the browser, without any of your personal browsing data being sent or collected.
Get notified when negative content is above normal
Our AI monitors the social network content presented to you, and notifies you if there's an abnormal levels of negative, inflammatory or divisive content.
Be aware, and keep positive and calm mindset
Be more aware of the nature of content presented to you on social networks, and gain consciousness over the influence content might exert on your psyche.
Take back control over the content you consume
We're all being targeted by content delivery AI's that affect our behaviour. PerspectiveGuard AI protect you by analyzing the content you're being presented with.

Our Mission

PerspectiveGuard was created to protect users against malicious influence on social networks, by using AI to level the playground against sophisticated and well-funded players.

We are a small but dedicated team of developers and thinkers. We believe that users should be well aware and protected against the new tier of attacks on their perception. Perception Tempering should be taken as seriously as illegal hacking, and treated accordingly.

Get involved - if you're a developer, designer, or a privacy enthusiast, drop us a message below and help us build a better online environment for humans.

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We'll be happy to hear your feedback, bug reports, questions or if you'd like to contribute.

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We're committed to your privacy, and making sure your personal browsing data isn't stored anywhere. For more privacy-related topics please review our Privacy Policy

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